Your Evernote Quickstart Video Tutorials

Have  you heard of Evernote? – that awesome organizing program that’s supposed to make your life simpler? It sounds like a miracle from above – one program that can “manage it all” as their website says. All of your important documents, project notes, contacts, shopping lists, everything but the kitchen sink in one place (maybe the kitchen sink will come in the next update, who knows?)! And to top it all off – it’s FREE to get started!

So you create your account, download the apps, and get on your laptop ready to experience the amazing wonders of Evernote.

And then…you get stuck. And confused. And wonder what you’re supposed to do next…

You look at the blank Evernote documents with all of the menu options, but you don’t know where to start. That simplicity you were hoping to get with this is out there, and you know you can get it. But a whole new wave of overwhelm and “analysis paralysis” hits you, and you’ll be wondering “Can I really do this?” You’re at the starting point, and your Evernote journey appears to already be going Ever-nowhere.


Evernote Quickstart Guide to the rescue!

Simply follow the videos below to get your Evernote account up and running so you can use it regularly to help you get – and stay – organized!


Which version of Evernote Do You Need?


Evernote Basics


Organizing Your Evernote


Using the Web Clipper

Not sure if Evernote is right for you? Here’s what you can experience by using Evernote…

  • More Free Time with all of the things that you can do so much more quickly (saving information, creating templates, organizing)
  • Peace of Mind of knowing “Don’t worry; It’s in Evernote!” (That might become your personal catchphrase!)
  • Having everything written down on your lists. Yep, everything. From your task lists to grocery shopping to celebrity crushes, well, if that last one’s important to you.
  • You save trees! Less time and more digital space mean less writing things down on paper, so now you’re not just a hero to yourself but to the environment!

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Too much to do?

Do you feel pressure and stress because you always have too much to do and don’t get to spend enough time doing things you really want to do?

Can't find your "stuff"?

Do you feel like you can’t find things (documents, files, other belongings) because you have too much “stuff”?

Buried in papers, notes, files?

Do you sometimes feel like you’re buried in paper, all your notes, and lots of pieces of unorganized information?