Two Tools to Record and Transcribe Quickly, Easily and Inexpensively

I recently discovered two tools that have made my life easier and I wanted to share. The first is called Loom and Loom lets you record videos super easy and free. The second is called AmberScript and you can try this one for free and then it’s very inexpensive after that. Read on to learn more. 



Do you ever have a time when you need to record something really quick? Maybe it’s your face or your screen. I do this a lot and I would always use ScreenFlow that’s downloaded on my computer and then I have to upload the video to YouTube, Drive, or Dropbox and then share it. But I found a super quick and easier way with Loom. 

Loom is a free screen recorder you can use in Chrome, on a Mac, or on Windows. It allows you to make quick videos on the fly and share them with anyone in just a few minutes.

Watch and learn how easy it is.

Think of all the different ways you could use Loom to make your life easier.

  • Have you ever been in an online chat session with someone and they don’t understand what you’re asking them? Record them a quick video in Loom and send the link and they can instantly see your screen and hear your voice explaining it all.
  • You could do a personal message for clients and send it to them.
  • Record holiday greeting messages and send them or think how cool it would be to send your clients, family, or friends a video birthday wish.
  • If you’ve got employees you could do videos for them to explain different things. Or you could use a video to onboard them into your company giving them all the information they need to get started.

The possibilities are endless. 



AmberScript is an online program that will automatically convert your audio to text. They even have a desktop version coming out.

You can try it out with 30 minutes free and after that, it’s only $10 per hour of recording. That means if you have a 10-minute audio it’s only about $1.67. Super inexpensive.

I’ve tried some of the free tools out there for some reason they don’t like my voice and the words get garbled. It cannot understand what I’m saying, and it never works for me. I’ve tried many and AmberScript works the best and you can’t beat the price.

Watch and see how it is to use.

Here are some ways you could use AmberScript:

  • Convert your videos into audio and transcribe into text. You can then convert them into written blog posts and social media posts.
  • Let’s say you’re doing a big project with a bunch of people and you have a Zoom call where you discuss a lot of information. You can transcribe your call so everyone can have a copy of what was said for easy reference.
  • Record blogs and articles on audio and then convert into blog posts or manuals or eBooks. I used AmberScript to create this blog post you’re reading. I was at the part outside enjoying nature and I recorded into my Voice Memo App on my iPhone. Once I got home I uploaded to AmberScript and downloaded the text to create my blog post. Super easy and quick.


Action-Ize It!

Try out these tools and think of ways you could use them to simplify your life and business.

Get started here: and here

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