by Angela Andrews
Is this you?
You’re serious about getting your business online but you’re overwhelmed by all the options (WordPress, Squarespace, Wix) Cue: meltdown)
You see all the beautiful websites out there and feel lost in understanding what will impress ‘your’ target market
You’re tired of trying to figure out all of the “techie stuff”, you just want it done but you’re afraid of giving up control
I get it. And I’m so glad you’re here.
Just Imagine…

You feel Empowered

Imagine the curtain has been pulled back for you so even after your website is complete you know exactly how to upload new information and make any tweaks for yourself whenever you want. You feel empowered!

You Love Your Stunning Website

Imagine being the proud owner of a stunning premium website that showcases your talents and embodies you and your brand perfectly (and without the premium price-tag).

You're Excited to share your website

Imagine feeling excited to share your new website with your audience…scrub that ‘with everyone!’

You're saving time with simple tools

Imagine realizing that your professional online home (website) actually works to make your life so much easier with features such as client appointment booking and email collection services. So simple.
Welcome to your new reality.
Hi. I’m Angela.
(Sometimes my clients call me “Angel”)

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I believe that it’s absolutely essential that YOU love your website. After all, it’s your online home and it’s your opportunity to express your brilliance to the entire world.
Nothing excites me more than working with people like you to create ideas that will help you shine. I then pour that creativity into an elegant, clutter-free and beautiful website. My priority is getting the job done with you at the heart so I guide you through the process and keep it simple and uncomplicated.
Ah… Simple is good.
My Tools…


I’m thrilled to bring you websites built on WordPress – the best website program in the land. WordPress is responsive, flexible and unrestricted.


I use the Divi Builder to create you a beautiful mobile-responsive website. And the insanely fast and incredibly intuitive front-end editor will allow you to make changes to your website quickly and easily. (I’ll even train you how!)


I use Calendly on my websites when you want the ability for people to easily schedule time with you. It cuts down on the emails back and forth, sends out reminders, and they even have a free version.


My packages start at just $2,197 so you can choose the level of service depending on your budget (I’m also a highly gifted online tech strategist which means I can help you grow your business online too!)


I’ve got an excellent copywriter who specializes in creating copy that captures the essence of Who you are (Your story and credibility factor); What you do (packaging up your genius) and Who you do it for (Your target audience). Get your copy written in just 7 days. Happiness Guaranteed.


I’ve teamed up with a top-notch branding expert to offer you one to three branding sessions to clarify and define your brand, offerings, and SEO research.

Interested to find out more?
Great! I’m inviting you to hop on a Zoom call for a chat. Even if at this stage all you know is that you want a website this is the perfect place to start.
Here’s what some of my clients say…
“Angela is a Simplicity Goddess. Her holistic attitude to simplicity has empowered me to look at my business in a different light.””
Sofia Pacifico Reis
Social Media Consultant
“My expectations were high, and Angela exceeded them. If you need to get a job done fast Angela is your gal!”
Carlyn Montes De Oca
Author, Speaker, Acupuncturist
“Angela totally understood what I wanted. My website looks amazing.”
Yvonne J. Fox
Growth Mindset Coach
Wondering how all this works?


You book our initial call on which I’ll ask you questions to dive deep into what you’re looking for,  your personality and tastes, and the goals for your online hub for your business.


After our call, I’ll put together a quote outlining all your options and send it to you along with a payment link to make your 50% deposit if you choose to move forward.


Once I receive your acceptance and deposit I’ll send you a detailed list of all items I need from you to start your website. Don’t worry as I’m very specific on what you need to provide. I’m also here to answer any questions you have along the way.


Once I have all your information I put you in my next available open spot and get started. So long as I have all the pieces of information from you I can have your website ready for your first look within 5 business days. (It will be another 7 days if you’re doing the Copywriting Add-on.) You’ll have time to review the site and we’ll then do a Zoom call to discuss revisions.


You get 2 rounds of revisions and your second payment of 30% is due before they start. The final payment of 20% is due at the end of the project, prior to me passing everything over to you and training you how to use your site.


Once your site is done we do a 60-90 minute Zoom call where I train you how to use your site. I record the call and give you lifetime access so you can always refer to it. I provide you access to my website training library with other tutorials and how-to tips. I also include an option for monthly maintenance in your quote if you want to add that on as well.
A few of my projects…
Ready to chat?
I’ll create you a custom package…
Ready to chat?
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I get to pick my own WordPress theme?

Great question! This package is designed to get your website up quickly AND allow you to make changes easily to your website. That’s why I use one of the most popular themes on the market: Divi Theme.

It’s flexible, mobile-responsive so it looks great on any sized device and allows me to customize your website to match what you’re looking for. AND – you can learn to make changes to your site yourself.

Why shouldn’t I just use Squarespace or WIX for my website?

It’s very simple: using Squarespace and Wix is very limiting. Many people have come to me asking them to convert their site to WordPress. They start out loving Squarespace or Wix and then they want out.

With those types of programs, you’re stuck with them. You basically have to start your website over when you leave them and you will want to leave them because you eventually want to add something to your website that isn’t possible with those types of programs.

WordPress is free and it’s the number one system out there for a good reason: it’s easy to learn and it can grow with your business. Everyone from solopreneurs to major corporations use WordPress.

What if I have a current website on WordPress or another program and want to get your website package?
Converting a website takes some extra care so you get everything done right. Please set up a call and we can discuss so I can give you a quote.
What if I don’t even know what domains, web hosting, and WordPress are?
You’re in the right place! Many of my clients only know they want or need a website. I will guide you through the whole process of choosing your domain and web hosting and answer all your questions.
What if I want something not listed on this page?
Let’s chat! I offer a lot more services than listed here so we can discuss and customize a package to fit your exact needs.
How long does the process take?

So long as I have all the pieces of information from you I can have your website ready for you to look at within a week.

You’ll have time to review the site and we’ll then do a Zoom call to discuss revisions. It all depends on how quickly you get me the revisions so I can finish your site.

If you’re willing to have all the info to me at the start and get back to me with revisions quickly we could have it easily done in 7-10 days.

When do I pay you?

Once we have our first call and decide it’s a good fit to work together, I’ll send you an invoice along with a list of everything I need from you to get started.

You pay the 50% initial payment and gather all the items needed. After I deliver your site for the first review the next payment of 30% payment is due. The final 20% is due after the 2 revisions are done.

What if I still have more questions?
Contact me here with any questions and I’d be glad to answer them or set up your free call here.

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