How to Use Evernote to EASILY Organize Your Receipts

There are many different programs and apps out there to organize your receipts but why get another app? Use Evernote for your receipts and have everything all in one place. And if you’re not using Evernote you should be. It will save you TONS of time! Learn more about Evernote here.

I’m going to show you how quick and easy it is to create your system and use it every day using Evernote.

IMPORTANT: The key is: to actually use your system for it to work. That means every time you have a receipt you need to save you need to use your system. If you don’t, you’ll be back to scrambling to gather all your receipts when you need them.


Step 1

Get Evernote. If you don’t have Evernote, get it here. Important: You can use the free version but you will want the Premium so you can email into Evernote. It will save you tons of time and is worth the $70 or so a year Evernote fee.


Step 2

Install Evernote on all your devices so you can access from anywhere.


Step 3

Create a Notebook called“08-August 2018”. (The reason I’m putting 08 at the beginning is I like my Notebooks to sort by month 1, 2, 3…)


Step 4

Create another Notebook called “09-September 2018”.


Step 5

Drag the “08-August 2018” Notebook into the Notebook“09-September 2018” to create a Stack. Rename the Stack “Receipts for 2018”.

Step 6

Add more Notebooks for the other months remaining in the year and drag into the Stack you created in Step 5.

Step 7

Put all your receipts into the appropriate month (more on that in a moment).

A Note on Configuring and Naming

You don’t have to use these exact names nor this exact system design. Another option is you could have one Stack for the Year and inside that are Notebooks by expense such as “Office Supplies”, “Website Expenses” or “Home Product Purchases”.

You’ll definitely want to use Stacks those so when next year rolls around you do the same thing and set up a new Stack for each year. That makes it super easy when you want to go back 5 years and find a receipt.


How to Easily Get Your Receipts into Evernote


This is a big reason to make sure you have the Evernote paid Premium version. You get a special email address you use to email directly into your Evernote account. You simply open the email that has a receipt you want to save, click Forward, then enter your unique Evernote address. Within seconds it’s inside your Evernote account.

Pro Tip: When you’re emailing into Evernote you can specify which Notebook to put inside of. For example, using the naming conventions above if I wanted to email a receipt to my August receipt notebook I would edit the Subject Line before forwarding to Evernote like the image below.

If you don’t see the receipt right away hit your Sync button in Evernote. Sometimes it can take a minute or so.

Make sure your Notebook name is exactly the name you set up in Evernote or it will go into your default Notebook. (This is a good reason for keeping Notebook names simple if you’re going to be emailing into them.)

Did you notice in the image above how I added #training? That’s a Tag. You can use Tags in Evernote for whatever you want. In this case, I used it for the type of expenses. When you’re in Evernote you can click on a tag and see all your Notes that have that tag. Important: Make sure your tag is already set up before first using it in your emails. If not, Evernote can’t add it automatically from Gmail.

This is how it looks once inside Evernote


Image Via Evernote on Mobile Phone

You can take a picture right inside Evernote on the mobile app and it will be automatically saved. See the illustration below for the steps.

Step 1 through 6

Step 7 

You’ll notice how the “receipt” I used in this illustration isn’t really a receipt. It’s a piece of paper I had to use because I actually don’t have any paper receipts! As soon as I get the paper receipts I put them in Evernote and trash them.

Use Scannable

Evernote has a free App called Scannable you can download and use to take pictures of receipts and other documents you want to put in your Evernote. It works much like the example above using the camera in Evernote but what’s cool is if you have multiple pages it will combine it all into one document/PDF. You can even email it to someone right inside Scannable.

Just be sure to link Scannable to your Evernote account when you install it so you can quickly save right into Evernote from Scannable.

Attach an image from your computer

You can also simply create a new Note inside Evernote from your computer, click the paperclip to attach a file and save the receipt that way.


How to Share Your Receipts With Your Accountant, Assistant, Etc.

So once you’ve got all your receipts how do you share them with people such as your Accountant? Simply go to the Notebook and right-click to bring up a menu and you can Share by entering the person’s email. Even if they don’t use Evernote they can get a free account to access them all.

Unfortunately, Evernote can’t share a whole Stack so you can do like above or here’s another alternative. At the end of the year create a new Notebook called something like “2018 Receipts Shared with Accountant”. Next, go into each Notebook you want to share and COPY all the notes into that Notebook. Copying all notes is super quick and easy. You’ll then have 1 Notebook you can easily share.

Action-Ize It!.

Once you’ve set up this system and start using it every time you have a receipt you’ll never have to go through trying to find receipts and organize them once a year, which is a pain! Not to mention: think how great it will feel to actually find receipts quickly throughout the year by just going into your Evernote account. Get started THIS WEEK!

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