How to Set up Email Templates in Gmail to Save Time

Did you know you could use Gmail email templates to quickly send out canned responses that you create? And what’s cool is you can load the template and still make changes to the email before sending it.

This is a great way to save time and be more efficient with your emails.

Let’s say you’re a coach and speaker and maybe you get a lot of inquiries to book your speaking services. You could set up an email template with all the information you want to reply with and save as a template to use over and over again.

Think of all the possible ways you could use templates in your personal and business life.

Let me show you how easy this is to set up and use.

Configure your Gmail to use Templates (Canned Responses)

  • Open your Gmail and click on the gearbox to open your settings.
  • Go to the “Labs” tab scroll down until you find the one that says “Canned Responses (Templates) and click the “Enable” button.

Set up your first template

  • Hit the compose button to create a new email and enter the subject line and text for your email.
  • Once you have the email prepared and want to save it as a template (canned response) click on the down arrow that brings up more options.
  • Click canned response and then under the Save section you’ll see “New canned response” you can click and save.
  • You’ll be asked to accept or change the template name and click “OK”.

Use your template

  • When you’re ready to use your template you simply click “compose” or “reply” to an email.
  • Click the drop down to open another menu and choose the template you want to insert.
  • Make any changes to the email and send as usual. Note: making changes to the email only changes it for that email.

Update your template 

  • If you need to edit your template simply create a new email with the information you want to use and when you save it as outlined above choose the same name so it overwrites that saved template.
  • It will ask you to confirm you want to overwrite the template.


Action-Ize It!

What different email templates could you set up to be more productive? Take action and set them up now. And next time you find yourself writing an email that you may use again: save it as a template.

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