How to Organize Your Next Trip With Evernote

This week’s organizing project is how to use Evernote to plan your next trip. This is great for both business and personal trips.

Watch the video or read the post and try it out. I promise your traveling will go much more smoothly with everything organized in one tidy little Notebook in Evernote.

Get Started

STEP 1: Create Your Notebook

The first thing you’re going to do is create a new Notebook in Evernote for your trip. To create a new Notebook from the menu click File, New Notebook. Or you can click the + New Notebook button.

In this example, I’m going to pretend I’m going to Bimini to swim in the wild with dolphins (which is one of my favorite things to do).


Step 2: Share or Make Your Notebook Private 

I’m going to share my Notebook with other people going on the trip with me so they can add content to our shared notebook.

If the person you’re sharing your Notebook with doesn’t have Evernote they will be prompted to create a free account to access it.


Step 3: Fill Your Notebook  

Now that you’ve got your Notebook created you can start emailing things like flight itineraries, hotel confirmations, etc. You can also use the Web Clipper to save things like outdoor activities you want to try out or restaurants you’re interested in.

And if you’ve shared your Notebook everyone can add things for everyone to see.

Another good thing to add is the directions to your hotel, airport, event, etc. You never know if GPS will be working in some locations so I suggest saving directions in your Notebook too.

So think about it: how many phone numbers do you have memorized? In today’s world, most of us do not memorize phone numbers because it’s so easy to access from our phones and computers. But what if you lost your phone? Records some important phone numbers just in case and you’ll probably never need them.

More items to add:

  • A copy of your passport or other identification
  • Your credit card company names and phone numbers just in case you lost your wallet
  • Copies of health insurance cards and plan info, especially if traveling internationally
  • Info on any additional travel insurance you have so you have easy access to it
  • Shuttle info
  • Car rental information
  • Flight confirmations
  • Hotel reservations
  • Receipts for your expenses
  • Emergency contacts and phone numbers

More Information

  • If your trip is large you may want several different notebooks and you can put them into one Stack.
  • You can also set that notebook up to be an offline notebook so that you could access it on your phone even if you didn’t have an Internet connection for some reason or your laptop if you didn’t have an Internet connection.
  • And don’t forget to create a Packing Checklist in Evernote for your trip that you can reuse for other trips. Get more info on different templates you can create in Evernote here and get free templates here.

Action-Ize It!

When you’re planning your next vacation or business trip – use Evernote and love the simplicity of it.

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