How to Email Content Into Evernote (Big timesaver!)

Even if you’re brand new to Evernote you’ll want to check out this big timesaver tip: How to email content directly into your Evernote account.


Watch the quick 3-Minute video to learn how.

No matter your level of Evernote experience, the first step to taking advantage of productivity is by emailing content directly into your account.


Action-Ize It!

Try it out! Next time you get an invoice or receipt you need to save email, into Evernote into a Notebook called “Receipts”.

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Too much to do?

Do you feel pressure and stress because you always have too much to do and don’t get to spend enough time doing things you really want to do?

Can't find your "stuff"?

Do you feel like you can’t find things (documents, files, other belongings) because you have too much “stuff”?

Buried in papers, notes, files?

Do you sometimes feel like you’re buried in paper, all your notes, and lots of pieces of unorganized information?