How to Easily Create Evernote Tables to Get Organized

One of my favorite features of Evernote is the table feature. I love this option for creating cool checklists and templates in Evernote like this Money Tracker I created. Tracking your incoming money is an excellent way to create more abundance in your life. It helps you to feel grateful and more aware of what you do receive.

Tables are a great way to track projects, organize information, and break out information you’re presenting to others.

Here are some ways you could incorporate tables to help organize your life AND I even have some free templates you can download and customize for some of these:

  • To Do Lists
  • Meeting Agenda
  • Journaling/Daily Check-In
  • Goal Setting
  • Blog Post template
  • Affiliate tracking template
  • Money Tracker
  • The Simple Business Plan template
  • Meal Planning

Watch the video below and learn how easy it is to create tables and templates in Evernote.

As you can see, the possibilities for using tables are endless. And with colors and fonts, it makes your documents beautiful and professional.



Create a template today and start seeing how templates WILL save you time.

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