How to Create Your Own POWERBOOK

For many years I have used what I call my PowerBook. It’s a powerful tool I created to keep me focused on what is important to me and I use mine daily. Here is how to prepare your own PowerBook:


Step 1

Purchase a journal or notebook that you want to use, making sure it has at least 100 pages or so. Get one that is a color or design that you find pleasing. If you are using a plain notebook, you can decorate the cover with pictures and words you like.


Step 2

Go through magazines and tear out pictures of things you want to bring into your life, places you want to visit, or pictures and words that signify the kind of life you want to have. You may have heard of a vision board where you post pictures of what you want in your life so that you can review often. This is similar to a vision board. Take your pictures and glue or tape them into your PowerBook but place them sporadically throughout the book so you leave several blank pages in between the pictures.


Step 3

On those blank pages you are going to write affirmations that you have created, or have found in books and other places. You can also add quotes, stories, poetry, and more. This is your book. Make it yours.


Step 4

Each day, review at least a few pages of your PowerBook to keep you focused on the life you want to create. I have found it extremely beneficial in keeping me focused, and I review mine each morning. Anytime you come across a picture of something you want, or that has special meaning, cut it out and add it to your book. After a while, you will want to start a new book, but I usually keep mine for at least a year.


Action-Ize It!

Schedule a day and time to create your own PowerBook.

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