Tasks & Productivity

  • 15 Easy Ways to Be More Productive

    Being productive doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are 15 easy ways to not only be more productive but also be better organized and reduce stress.

    Watch and learn 15 ways to be more productive.


    1. Do your most important or most difficult task first thing in the morning.

      Have you seen the quote by Mark Twain: “If it’s your job to eat a frog, it’s best to do it first thing in the morning.” Wise words.

    2. Use your best working hours for important projects.

      Figure out what times of the day you’re out energized and do your important projects then.

    1. Work in blocks.

      Work for 90-120 minutes, take a break, and then do it again. During that time no checking emails, no responding to text messages, just work.

    1. Get an accountability partner.

      Find someone to hold you accountable and you hold them accountable. You can use Zoom to meet or even record your intentions using the Marco Polo and check in with each other daily.

    1. Keep motivated.

      Keep motivated with positive regular daily habits like affirmations, vision boards, visualizing, listening and reading motivational items.

    1. Track your time.

      You might be surprised where you spend your time. Try tracking it for a week or two using a free program like FreshBooks or Toggl. Review what is taking up your time and make adjustments like delegating or automating tasks to save time.

    1. Delegate.

      Give up control and delegate when you can so you can concentrate on your most important tasks.

    1. No More Multi-tasking.

      Yep. NO MORE MULTI-TASKING. Multi-tasking is a productivity destroyer. Stay focused on one task at a time.

    1. Batch task certain tasks.

      Do similar tasks all at once like running errands, making phone calls, doing financial stuff.

    1. Avoid prime times for errands and calls.

      Don’t go out to run errands at 5 PM on a weekday when you know there will be traffic. And avoid making calls to certain businesses during prime hours so you’re not on hold forever.

    1. Turn off notifications of social media and emails.

      This one may be super hard for you but I promise it’s a huge productivity booster. Look at your emails and notifications twice a day and shut them off the rest of the time.

    1. Make use of “waiting time”.

      Whenever you’re waiting for an appointment or standing in line whip out your phone and read emails or work on projects. Evernote  is great for storing stuff to read later.

    1. Set boundaries.

      Say no sometimes. Review your “should’s” (all those things you think you should be doing) and start letting some go. Let go anyone/thing who drains your energy, doesn’t support you, etc. And set boundaries with meetings, maybe you can communicate via Marco Polo walkie-talkie app instead of having a meeting that will take more time.

    1. Be proactive.

      Try to anticipate the needs of clients and colleagues and be prepared. Always open your meetings 5 minutes early. Have everything ready before calls and appointments so you’re not scrambling on the call.

    1. Under promise and over deliver.

      If you haven’t heard this one before “under promise and over deliver” is a service strategy in which service providers strive for excellent customer service and satisfaction by doing more than they say they will for the customer or exceeding customer expectations. This means if you think that a project for a client will take you 10 hours, say 13. That way when you do get it done in 10 you look like a super-star!

    Take Action

    Which ones of these tips can you implement right now? At least pick 1 and get started. You’re going to love being more productive!